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Roses in Vietnam . View as slideshow.

Most of roses in Vietnam are grown in the north of Vietnam and central highland like Dalat. Most of roses are grown in Dalat for Saigon market. Recently, long-stemed roses are grown in Sapa (Lao-Cai) and Dong-Van (Ha-Giang) for Hanoi market and exportation.

In Hanoi, especially in the Spring time, roses are sold everywhere by street vendors (see picture below).

Roses sold by these street vendors are relatively cheap, about 1-1.5 US dollars/20 roses (Spring 2007). Pictures in this page are roses which my wife bought for decoration in our house in Hanoi. We always have roses in the house, especially on the ancestor altar. These roses are grown in the suburb of Hanoi, along the Hong (red) river. "Hong" in Vietnam means red color, but it also means rose (hoa hong).


pink_rose-1 pink_rose-2 pink_rose-3 pink_rose-4 pink_rose-5
pink_rose-6 red_rose-1 red_rose-2 red_rose-3 red_rose-4
red_rose-5 red_rose-6 red_rose-7 rose-1 rose-10
rose-11 rose-12 rose-13 rose-14 rose-15
rose-16 rose-17 rose-18 rose-19 rose-2
rose-20 rose-21 rose-22 rose-23 rose-24
rose-25 rose-26 rose-27 rose-28 rose-3
rose-4 rose-5 rose-6 rose-7 rose-8
rose-9 rose_carot-1 rose_carot-2 rose_carot-3 rose_carot-4
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rose_sapa white_rose-1 white_rose-2 white_rose-3 white_rose-4