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Roses in Vietnam

Rose wallpapers

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Rose pictures at this site were taken at the Rose Gardens at Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis ( Spring 2000), Huntington Botanical Garden, Los Angeles, and private collection (Prof. Ton That Trinh, Irvine, California (Summer 2000).

Most of  roses growing today are "Modern Roses" which have been developed after 1867. Before 1867, all cultivated roses belong to "Old Garden Roses" class. 1867 is the year that new hybrid roses were produced by crossing between a hybrid perpetual with a tea rose. This new class of roses bloom repeatedly and abundantly from Spring to Fall and made rose to be the Queen of the Flower Garden!

For the list of all roses at this site, click on Roses A thru Z. You can also choose Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Grandifloras or Other Roses.

  • Hybrid Tea Rose is the biggest and most popular group of the Modern Roses. Hybrid Teas were developed by crossing between Tea Roses with Hybrid Perpetual Roses. The roses in this group are big, multi-petal and repeated flowering. The earliest Hybrid Tea Rose was produced by a French botanist in 1867.
  • Floribundas were produced by crossing between Hybrid Teas and Polyantha Roses. Floribundas have multiple flowers on each stem and more free, perpetual  flowering. The earliest Floribundas were produced in 1924.
  • Grandiflora is one of the newest class of roses which was introduced  in Great Britain in 1954. Grandifloras were the products of crossing between Hybrid Teas with Floribundas. Flowers are large double with many different colors. The first grandiflora is named 'Queen Elizabeth'.
  • Other roses: New English Shrub, Hybrid Perpetual, Landscape, Miniature and Climbing roses.