Vegetable Gardens


Growing vegetable at home is more and more popular in the US and the world. If you have a back yard, you can start a vegetable garden to supply fresh, clean, organic vegetables for your family. There are many websites showing you how to start a vegetable garden, especially from the university extension services. We'll show you here pictures and information of many vegetables that you can grow yourself at home. If you want to grow herbs, please visit the herb garden page.

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Cold frame Raised bed Raised bed Decorative cabbage Vertical Lettuce bed Mix Lettuce bed
Asparagus Bell pepper Bitter melon Cabbage Calabash Canteloupe
Chinese cabbage Crab claw herb Cucumber Daikon Eggplant Elephant ear
Hot pepper Hyacinth bean Kohlrabi Lettuce Luffa "Mồng tơi"
Okra Oriental squash Strawberry Sweet corn Sweet potato Swiss chard
Tomato Watermelon Winter melon Winter squash Yard long bean Zucchini