Huntington Botanical Gardens

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The Huntington Library, Art collection and Botanical Garden is located at 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108. The Huntington botanical garden is divided into many different special gardens including: Desert garden, Rose garden, Palm garden, Herb garden, Camellia garden. It also has many theme gardens such as Japanese garden, Chinese garden, Australian garden, Jungle garden, Shakespeare garden, Sub-tropical garden and Lily pond.

In this page, we only have pictures from some gardens in the Huntington's. One day may not enough to exploit this magnificent botanical garden in Southern California.

Australian Garden and Botanical Conservatory:

australian_garden-1 australian_garden-2 australian_garden-3 australian_garden-4 australian_garden-5
bamboo-1 conservatory conservatory-2 conservatory_chulta conservatory_chulta-2
conservatory_lipstick_vine conservatory_orchid-1 conservatory_orchid-2    

Desert garden

desert_garden-1 desert_garden-10 desert_garden-11 desert_garden-12 desert_garden-13
desert_garden-14 desert_garden-15 desert_garden-16 desert_garden-17 desert_garden-18
desert_garden-19 desert_garden-2 desert_garden-20 desert_garden-21 desert_garden-22
desert_garden-23 desert_garden-24 desert_garden-25 desert_garden-26 desert_garden-27
desert_garden-28 desert_garden-29 desert_garden-3 desert_garden-30 desert_garden-31
desert_garden-32 desert_garden-33  

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