Flowering Vines

Vines are climber, mostly grown on trellis for their mass flowers. These may be divided into woody vines, such as wisteria, kiwifruit, and common ivy, and herbaceous (non woody) vines, such as morning glory.

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allamanda antigonon asparagus bean basket plant
Allamanda Antigonon Asparagus Bean Tonkin jasmine Basket Plant
bleeding glory bower clematis crossvine
Bridal wreath Bleeding Glory Bower Caper Clematis Cross vine
cucumber vine cup of gold daisy vine dusky flower garlic vine
Cucumber vine Cup of Gold Daisy vine Dusky Coral Pea Garlic vine
gloriosa lily wooly morning glory snakevine honeysuckle hoya
Gloriosa Lily Wolly Morning Glory Snake vine Honey Suckle Hoya
hyacinth vine jade vine lemon yellow passion flower lipstick plant
Hyacynth Bean Jade vine Lava flower Lemon yellow Passion flower Lipstick plant
lipstick vine mandevilla morning glory orange clock vine passion flower
Lipstick vine Mandevilla Morning Glory Orange Clock vine Passion flower
pea flower purple allamanda purple painted trumpet vine railroad vines rangoon vine
Pea flower Purple Allamanda Violet Trumpet vine Railroad vine Rangoon creeper
red hot poker vine star jasmine streptocarpella swedish lily sweet potato
Red hot Poker vine Star Jasmine Streptocarpella Swedish Ivy Sweet Potato
Trumpet vine yellow trumpet vine Coral fountain Potato vine
Scarlet Trumpet vine Passion flower Frederic Yellow trumpet vine Coral Foutain Potato vine
trumpet vine carolina jasmine Clematis terniflora Cypress vine
Trumpet vine Carolina Jasmine Clematis terniflora Cypress vine California flannelbush
Flame vine Pink Jasmine Black-eyed Susan vine 'Arizona red' Wisteria Giant Dutchman's pipe
Passiflora hybrid Purple wings Queen's wreath Spanish flag