Cacti and Succulents

Cactus and succulents belong to a very versatile, large group of plants that mostly come from desert waste lands. They are very carefree, rugged, and drought resistant, and yet claims so many interesting shapes and spectacular flowers. Succulent plants store water and other nourishing elements in their swollen "fat" body including stems, leaves, roots. This unique ability help them to survive long periods of drought or many hostile environments.

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aloe plumeria cactus flower christmas cactus
Aloe Wild Plumeria Notocactus Christmas cactus Coral aloe
crassula crown of thorn desert agave echeveria epiphyllum
Crassula Crown of Thorn Desert agave Hen and chicks Epiphyllum
false red agave Mammillaria prickly pear
False red Agave Madagasca Palm Mammillaria Pachypodium Prickly Pear
purple iceplant queen of the night sedum silver jade plant
Purple Iceplant Queen of the Night Sedum Jade Plant Stalked Bulbine
stonecrop yucca Tulip prickly pear
Stonecrop Spring Cactus Spurge Yucca Tulip Prickly Pear
tree cholla Yellow moss Aloe Aloe Aloe

Tree Cholla Yellow Moss Aloe ballii Aloe framesii Aloe Flowers
Aloe Aloe Aloe
Aloe 'Kojo' Aloe 'Rooikappie' Aloe 'Sophie' Dragon Fruit Borzicactus
Borzicactus Cereus cactus Cereus cactus Cereus cactus Cleitocactus
Echinobivia Echinocactus Echinocactus Echinopsis Euphorbia
Pitaya Lithops Notocactus Opuntia Stenocereus
Trichocereus Trichocereus Trichocereus Cyphostemma Erythrina
Euphorbia Ferrocactus Ferrocactus Notocactus Pachypodium
Aeonium Kniphofia Jade plant Chain-fruit cholla Spurge Ascot Rainbow
Baja spurge Saquaro cactus Teddybear cholla Adenium