Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs offer a multitude of opportunities for brightening the home landscape. Their range of color and bloom type and size, as well as their long sequence of bloom, are unequalled in any other class of flowers. Although most gardeners think of lilies, tulips, hyacinths and daffodils as bulbs, there is an almost unending array of bulbs. By careful scheduling, a gardener can have flowering bulbs in bloom before the last snows in spring until the first snow in the fall. Some flowering bulbs do not have " bulbs" but having rhizomes, corms or tubers that serve as underground stems and storage and can be used to propagate new plants.

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amaryllis aramyllis-belledonna asiatic lily autumn daffodil banana bearde iris
Amaryllis Belledonna Amaryllis Asiatic Lily Autumn Daffodil Banana plant Bearded Iris
bletilla blood lily blood root blue ginger bush lily calalily
Bletilla Blood Lily Blood Root Blue Ginger Bush Lily Calla Lily
camassia canna Cebolleta checker lily chives common hyacinth
Camassia Canna Cebolleta Checker Lily Chives Common Hyacynth
Coral lily crocus crown imperial cyclamen orange star
Coral Lily Swamp Lily Crocus Crown Imperial Cyclamen Orange Star
daffodil dahlia daylily equestrian starflower
Daffodil Dahlia Daylily Dietes Equestrian Starflower Eucharis

fireball Lily fritillary
Fairy Lily Fall Crocus False Freesia Fireball Lily Fritillary Florida Swamp Lily
giant onion ginger lily gladiolus
Ornamental Banana Giant Onion Giant Snowdrop Ginger Lily Gladiolus Glory of the Snow
grape hyacinth heliconia heliconia hosta
Golden lotus Banana Grape Hyacinth Hellebore Lobster claw Parrot's beak Hosta
hyacinth lily lily of the incas lily of the Nile Louisiana iris
Common Hyacinth Juno Iris Lily Lily of the Inca Lily of the Nile Louisiana Iris
Mediterranean bells orientpet lily ornamental banana painted petals pineapple lily
Lycoris Mediterranean bells Orientpet Lily Ornimental Banana Painted Petals Pineapple Lily
poison bulb prairie onion rain lily ranunculus Red flag red ginger
Poison Bulb Prairie Onion Rain Lily Ranunculus Red Flag Red Ginger
sea onion
siam tulip
snowflake spanish bluebell star of persia
Sea Onion Siam Tulip Snowflake Spanish Bluebell Star of Persia Striped Quill
tahitian ginger tailflower wax ginger Tigridia torch ginger
Tahitian Ginger Tailflower Wax Ginger Tiger flower Torch Ginger Trout Lily
tuberous begonia tulips windflower yellow ginger calathea
Tuberous Begonia Tulips Windflower Wood Sorrel Yellow Ginger Zebra plant