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A Vietnamese saying goes "You may be charitable and lead a religious life for a hundred years, but if you havenít made it to Yen Tu, you havenít reached the highest religious bliss".

"Tram nam tich duc tu hanh
Chua di Yen Tu chua thanh qua tu."

Chùa Đồng, Yên Tử Mountain, Quang Ninh.

Yen Tu Mountain, also known as Bach Van Son (White Cloud Mountain), in the north-eastern province of Quang Ninh. Yen Tu has been home to the Truc Lam Zen School of Vietnamese Buddhism since the 13th century, founded by King Tran Nhan Tong. The ultimate goal for pilgrims go to Yen Tu is reaching Dong pagoda which sits on top of Yen Tu mountain. The Dong (Bronze) Pagoda, the only bronze pagoda to sit on the mountain’s peak . Its 6,000 bronze features fused together weigh a total of 70 tons, a site magnificent enough to bring even sceptics to their knees.

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