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Fruits and vegetables. View as slide show.

Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables is associated with reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer disease, cataracts, and some of the functional declines associated with aging.

Tropical fruits and temperate fruits are all delicious to eat. Because nutrition scientists don't yet know which of the over 100,000 phytochemcials found in fruits and vegetables are most beneficial, so we should concentrate on fruits and vegetables, not supplements, to get the benefit of these potentially powerful protective compounds.

Fruits and vegetables in this page are from both tropical and temperate regions. More pictures of fruits and vegetables will be added regularly, please come back.

apple apple_reddelicious fruit_disc_06-1 grapes_soulard_market hot_peppers
apple apple fruits grapes hot peppers
kimquat mango open_market_hanoi_03 peach pear_06
kimquat mango open market peach pear
pepper_ornamental-1 prune-06-1 pumkins soulard_market soybean_06
peppers prune pumkins fruit market soybean
squash_06 tomato_06 tomato_sugary tropical_fruit_chomchom_03 tropical_fruit_chomchom_04
squash tomato tomato rambutan rambutan
tropical_fruit_duran_04 tropical_fruit_man_03 tropical_fruit_mangcut_03 tropical_fruit_thanhlong_03 tropical_fruit_thanhlong_04
durian rose apple mangosteen dragon fruits dragon fruits
tropical_fruits_03 tropicalfruit_chomchom_04 tropicalfruit_dau_04 tropicalfruit_dau_04-1 tropicalfruit_jackfruit_04
tropical fruits rambutan "dau" "bon-bon" jackfruit
tropicalfruit_longan tropicalfruit_man_04 tropicalfruit_mangcau_04 tropicalfruit_mangcut_04 corn
longan rose apple sweetsop mangosteen Maize