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Chicago 2006.


Chicago is the largest city in the Midwestern U.S. state of Illinois, as well as the third most populous city in the United States. Known as the "Second City," the "Windy City," the "City of Big Shoulders," and "Chi-town". Chicago is located along the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. When combined with its suburbs and nine surrounding counties in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, the greater metropolitan area known as Chicagoland encompasses a population of nearly 10 million people.

Growing from its 1833 founding as a frontier town of the Old Northwest into one of the world's premier cities, Chicago is ranked as one of 10 "Alpha" (most influential) world cities. Chicago was the site of the world's first skyscraper, and today is the financial, economical, and cultural capital of the Midwest as well as the transportation and arguably architectural center of the U.S. The city's skyscrapers, local cuisine, political traditions, and sports teams are some of its most recognized symbols.

(from Wikipedia)

Please visit Chicago Botanical Garden for pictures of this garden.

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