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Summer Flower Gallery. Click the thumbnail to see large picture or click here to view as slide show. Back to Flower Gallery.

Summer is a time of beauty and abundance in the garden. Summer flowers are mostly perennials, annuals and tropical plants.

You can enjoy daylilies in July and many other perennials such as black-eyed susan, daisy, phlox, hibiscus...

Annuals need to grow every year in the spring mostly from seeds. Flowers such as petunia, begonia, marigold...produce carpet of color for the summer.

This is the second page of the summer flowers. Flowers in these pages have been taken from my garden and the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. Summer flowers must include water plants such as lotus and water lily. Zinnia is very easy to grow and you should have this annual in your garden. I also include some wild flowers that attract bees, and some butterflies on flowers in my garden and on some wild flowers. Enjoy the Summer flowers and don't forget to share them with your friends.


begonia bumblebee celosia gazania-1 gazania-2 honeybees
begonia bumblebee celosia gazania gazania honeybees
jewelweed lantana-1 lantana-2 lantana-3 lilyofthenile petunia
jewelweed lantana lantana lantana lily of the nile petunia
purple_coneflower purple_coneflower-2 purslane rose rudbackia_hirta_cherokeesun rudbackia_hirta_indiansumme
purple coneflower purple coneflower purslane rose rudbeckia rudbeckia
rudbackia_hirta_iriseyes rudbackia_hirta_prairiesun shasta_daisy siam_tulip stjohns_wort strawflower-1
rudbeckia rudbeckia shasta daisy siam tulip st. john's wort strawflower
strawflower-2 strawflower-3 sunset_buschwildlife thristle_swallowtailbutterf tropical_hibiscus-1 tropical_hibiscus-2
strawflower strawflower prairy sunset tall thristle tropical hibiscus tropical hibiscus
tropical_hibiscus-3 tropical_hibiscus-4 tropical_hibiscus-5 waterlily waterlily-2 waterlily-3
tropical hibiscus tropical hibiscus tropical hibiscus waterlily waterlily waterlily
waterlily-4 waterlily-5 waterlily_americanbeauty waterlily_antares waterlily_nora waterlily_rhondakay
waterlily waterlily waterlily waterlily waterlily waterlily
waterlily_victoria waterlily_victoria-2 waterlily_woodsbluegoddess yellow_coneflower zinnia-1 zinnia-10
waterlily waterlily waterlily yellow coneflower zinnia zinnia
zinnia-11 zinnia-12 zinnia-13 zinnia-14 zinnia-2 zinnia-3
zinni zinnia zinnia zinnia zinnia zinnia
zinnia-4 zinnia-5 zinnia-6 zinnia-7 zinnia-8 zinnia-9
zinnia zinnia zinnia zinnia zinnia zinnia