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Summer Flower Gallery. Click the thumbnail to see large picture or click here to view as slide show. Back to Flower Gallery.

Summer is a time of beauty and abundance in the garden. Summer flowers are mostly perennials, annuals and tropical plants.

You can enjoy daylilies in July and many other perennials such as black-eyed susan, daisy, phlox, hibiscus...

Annuals need to grow every year in the spring mostly from seeds. Flowers such as petunia, begonia, marigold...produce carpet of color for the summer.

This is the first of two pages about the summer flowers. Flowers in these pages have been taken from my garden and the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.


adenium adenium-2 asiatic_lily_vermeer astilbe salvia
adenium adenium asiatic lily 'Vermeer' astilbe salvia
blanketflower bougainvillae butterfly-1 butterfly-2 butterfly_monarch
blanketflower bougainvillae swallowtail butterfly swallowtail butterfly monarch buterfly
cactus cactus-2 canna chihuli chihuli-2
cactus cactus canna chihuly glass chihuly glass
cosmos-1 crapemyrtle eastern_lily eggplant euphorbia_millii
cosmos crape myrtle. eastern lily eggplant flower euphorbia millii
euphorbia_millii-2 gaura geranium hardy_hibiscus-1 hardy_hibiscus-2
euphorbia millii gaura geranium hardy hibiscus hardy hibiscus
hardy_hibiscus-3 hardy_hibiscus-4 hardy_hibiscus-5 hoya marigold
hardy hibiscus hardy hibiscus hardy hibiscus hoya marigold
orchid orienpet_lily_altari orienpet_lily_americanbanst oriental_lily_blackbeauty orientpet_lily_americanway
orchid orienpet lily 'altari' orienpet lily oriental lily 'blackbeauty' orientpet lily 'americanway'