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The Iris flowers.

Most of irises in this page are bearded iris. The other irises are Siberian (Iris sibirica) and yellow flag water iris (Iris pseudacorus). Bearded irises offer carefree blooms in nearly every color of the rainbow. Their ruffled flowers, set off by attractive, sword-like leaves, cover the spectrum from blues, yellows and soft pinks to lustrous whites and almost blacks. They are easy to establish and require a minimum of maintenance. Unlike most spring bulbs, bearded iris don't require a period of cold to produce blossoms, making them perfect for areas with mild winters.

Bearded irises are very cold hardy, USDA zones 3-9, the rhizomes need plenty of sun to bloom well and regularly.

All pictures were taken from the Iris garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

abiqua_falls accent amity_estate artists_palette aurelie
bamble_boogie beardediris_gettysburgaddre beardediris_haloeverybody beardediris_kalijulia beardediris_majorleague
beardediris_neutrondance beardediris_neutrondance-2 beardediris_tastethemagic beardediris_virginialyle beneath_my_wings
blue_ridge_beauty celestial_explosion chariots_of_fire code_red diabolique
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iris_garden-4 iris_hottentot iris_kiwislices iris_peachpetalpie iris_standarddwarf
jin_yu manitou_skies melana_rose mini_warbash missus_bee
monty_duane monty_duane-2 oasis_cathy ola_kala old_santa_fe
pacific_panorama plum_quirky pretty_jazzy pretty_reward purple_ritz
royal_storm siberian_iris-1 siberian_iris-2 skating_party sky_rain
slovak_sapphire starring sudden_impact titans_glory