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Azalea flowers at the Missouri Botanical Garden in April-May 2007. Click here to View pictures as slideshow. Back to Flower Gallery.

Because of the unusual freezing temperature in early Spring 2007, some of the azalea flowers in Missouri was partially damaged. However, I'd captured some pretty good pictures of azalea before freezing at the Garden.

Azaleas are flowering shrubs making up part of the genus Rhododendron. Originally azaleas were classed as a different genus of plant, but now they are recognised as two of the eight sub-genera of rhododendrons.

Rhododendrom is bloomed a little later than azalea and was not affected by the frost in April. Rhododendron is a very widely distributed genus, occurring throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere except for dry areas, and extending into the Southern Hemisphere in southeastern Asia and northern Australia.

azalea-1 azalea-10 azalea-11 azalea-12 azalea-13
azalea-2 azalea-4 azalea-5 azalea-6 azalea-7
azalea-8 azalea-9 azalea_ginger azalea_girardshotshot azalea_komo-kulshan
azalea_narcissiflora azalea_northernhi-lights azalea_onconee-1 azalea_onconee-10 azalea_onconee-2
azalea_onconee-3 azalea_onconee-4 azalea_onconee-5 azalea_onconee-6 azalea_onconee-7
azalea_onconee-8 azalea_onconee-9 azalea_palestrina azalea_susancamille flame_azalea-1
flame_azalea-2 flame_azalea-3 flame_azalea-4 rhodo_leesdarkpurple rhodo_mrshenryschroeder
rhodo_novazembla rhodo_scintillation rhodo_scintillation-2 rhodo_yakuduchess rhododendron-1
rhododendron_annahhall rhododendron_dextersapplebl rhododendron_englishroseum rhododendron_henrysred rhododendron_kenjaneck
rhododendron_lodestar rhododendron_minnetonka rhododendron_solidarity rhododendron_yakuprince rhododendron_yakuprincess