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Gallery 2006-3. View as slide show. Back to Flower Gallery.
Most flowers in this page are orchids. These are the orchids displayed at the Missouri Botanical Garden in Spring of 2006.

Bearded and Siberia irises are in full bloom in May. 

Spring time is the most beautiful time of the year, especially for  people who love flowers. If you live near a botanical garden or an arboretum, you can visit them every week, and still see new flowers that you did not see before!


iris_06-10 iris_06-11 iris_06-12 iris_06-13
iris_06-14 iris_06-8 iris_06-9 kalanchoe_06
mexican_orange orchid_06-1 orchid_06-10 orchid_06-11
orchid_06-12 orchid_06-13 orchid_06-14 orchid_06-15
orchid_06-16 orchid_06-17 orchid_06-18 orchid_06-19
orchid_06-2 orchid_06-20 orchid_06-21 orchid_06-22
orchid_06-23 orchid_06-3 orchid_06-4 orchid_06-5
orchid_06-6 orchid_06-7 orchid_06-8 orchid_06-9