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There are not many flowers that have peak blooming in Autumn, especially in the temperate climate. However, in sub-tropical areas, such as Southern California, there are many flowers still in bloom.

Chrysanthemums (in short "mums") are the most popular Autumn flowers. At the end of Summer season, mums are sold everywhere from nurseries to grocery stores and hardware stores. The mums that are sold in the USA are relatively hardy and can be grown as a perennial. However, most mums are grown as annual, because the flowers are not very good in the following years.

In the Fall, the floss-silk trees are in blooming everywhere in Southern California. You can see the big trees covering with large pink flowers in the shopping centers, along streets and in arboretums, botanical gardens, zoo... in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Most of the flower pictures in this page are from Orange county and San Diego, California. The mum pictures are from St. Louis, Missouri.

african_daisy african_tulip_tree-1 african_tulip_tree-2 aloe_flower aloe_flower-1
african daisy african tulip tree african tulip tree aloe flower aloe flower
aloe_ngobitensis amaryllis_belladonna authurium banksia banksia-1
aloe ngobitensis amaryllis belladonna authurium banksia banksia
bird_of_paradise-1 bird_of_paradise-2 blackwood blood_lily bougainvillae
bird of paradise bird of paradise blackwood blood lily bougainvillae
bromeliad-1 bromeliad-2 bromeliad-3 bromeliad-4 cactus_flower
bromeliad bromeliad bromeliad bromeliad cactus flower
canna chrysanthemum-1 chrysanthemum-2 chrysanthemum-3 chrysanthemum-4
canna chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum
chrysanthemum-5 chrysanthemum-6 chrysanthemum-7 chrysanthemum-8 coral_fountain
chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum coral fountain
epidendrum_orchid epiphyllum firewheel_tree floss_silk_tree-1 floss_silk_tree-2
epidendrum orchid epiphyllum firewheel tree floss silk tree floss silk tree